2002.10.04 COSMIC BABIES Free Outdoor Party Fri. 04/10 (take 2)

COSMIC BABIES Free Outdoor Party Fri. 04/10 (take 2)

OK, the weather looks quite promising this time so I can say with great certainty that we'll be setting up down at Cherry Beach this Friday night.

As usual we'll be providing you with a full range of psychedelic sounds from the techish minimal to raging full-on psy to lighter funkier stuff, and of course everything in between.

Urban Aliens
...more to be confirmed.

Again we'll also have:
2KW sound system
funky lights
fire dancers
fire pit
UV deco
and tons of atmosphere.

You should bring:
food and refreshments
blankets to sit on
and plenty of party spirit!

We should be getting started by 10pm and will be going strong into the morning as usual, so come early and stay late!

See you there,



2002.09.27 - Free Outdoor Psy-trance Party

Free Outdoor Psy-Trance Party this Friday 09/27

I know most people on this board will probably hit up Transa, but if you're looking for something a little darker and a lot more twisted, we'll be throwing a free psychedelic techno trance party down at Cherry Beach. The rain is supposed to end by nightfall so the weather should be ok, maybe a little chilly but nothing a few extra layers won't fix...plus we'll have a large bon fire and rumour has is that there'll be about 20 fire spinners/dancers which should be pretty cool to watch. Even if you have other plans, we'll be going quite late (9am or so) so stop by after, before or whenever...

Just in case some don't know, here are the directions:

..follow Cherry St. to it's very end (Cherry St. runs south from lakeshore blvd. and is just west of the dvp....the same street the DOCKS entertainment complex is on)...at the end of Cherry on the left is a gravel driveway leading to a large parking lot, follow the trail that leads into the sumac trees and a GIANT white drum...from there you should hear the music...we'll be in a little clearing to the right of that drum and on the other side of the sumacs...

The Line-up:
Generator (hard funky tech psy-trance)
Pharmakon (full-power/full-on psy-trance)
Urban Aliens (techy progressive minimal psy)
Basilisk (groovy/melodic psy-trance)
more to be confirmed...

As usual we'll also have:
blacklight and uv deco
spooky tree lights
fire pit
2kw sound system
cd give-aways

Remember to bring all the little things that facilitate a long evening of dancing or whatever such as;
blankets to sit on,
extra layers of clothing,
food, drink and other refreshments,
torches or flashlights,
and party spirit!!

WE should be all set up by around 9.30pm and will be winding things down around 9am. It's supoosed to go down to about 13C that night though that should be fairly comfortable with long sleeves.

So, spread the word and take advantage of what is likely the last opportunity we'll have to party under the stars for a while.


2002.07.05 - Cosmic Babies Free Open-Air Party

[This is a copy of a thread from tranceaddicts about a free party we threw in 2002.]


Cosmic Babies Free Open-Air Party - THIS FRIDAY July 5th!

Greetings fellow children of the cosmos,

This Friday Cosmic Babies invites you to come party in the warm summer air, bathed in the pale light of the moon...

A gathering where fellow psychedelics may partake in the peace of nature while enjoying deep and dark magikal sounds...

Location: precise directions TBA (proximate to the beach in downtown TO)

Time: 10pm - 10am

3kw of sound
Glowing trees
Blacklight deco

Expect to hear the grooviest in psychedelic sounds, ranging from progressive/minimal techno-trance to more aggressive full-power full-on trance...

Spread the Word!
Posted by trancearmada on Jun-30-2002 23:47:

woah! this sound cool, I never had the joy of partying outside near the beach like that! and it's free too! hmmm, gonna try to make it to this one!

what's the lineup like? will there be any beer tents???
Posted by dj pharmakon on Jul-01-2002 02:30:

We're just supplying the music. YOu're free to bring whatever else you think you'll require.

The Line-Up:

DJ Dam (Area 51, R351570R, DSF)
Pharmakon (comfort & joy!, cosmic babies)
Generator (comfort & joy!, cosmic babies)

and likely some DJs from the BLack Light Activists crew

addition #1: quivering virgin & jeb (BLA) will be joining us also

addition #2: Atman will also be joining us this evening. He'll be spinning some atmospheric, uplifting and crunchy german techno.

See you at the beach!

----- posted later that evening ...:

damn party wuz busted by dem pooooo-leece!
it was good while it lasted.
a big Thank You goes to the DJ that played Man With No Name - "Teleport"
(i love that track)

Posted by dj pharmakon:

silly cops

The po arrived just when the party spirit was climbing (around 1.30). I guess the security patrol in the area got spooked by the completely full parking lot (no joke!) and 350+ people hanging around. The po arrived in full force (10 or 12 of them) and then stood around sort of stupefied at the full-on hippy freak-out that was going on (it was an om renuion it seems). Anyhow they were pretty respectful to the people, though they managed to scare most of them away. I couldn't convince them to let us keep the music going...they wanted us to tear down the gear, so we started moving shit around and looking busy and finally they left (about 45 later)....then we swiftly put it all back up and carried on until about 8.00 when the next shift of po came around (music died for about 10 minutes, they left, music went back on). Yeah, so those 100 or so who had the patience to stick around had a pretty good time...even a bunch of hulla ravers turned up in the morning. I think next time we'll find a lower profile venue...stay tuned

p.s. don't forget to check out our bi-weekly event at Labyrinth Lounge (this friday), featuring psy-trance upstairs and melodic/uplifting trance downstairs...cover is $5


2002.05.25 - NEUROMOTOR - 5 HOUR LIVE/DJ set!

Don't miss this one!! On Sat. May 25, 2002, R351570R and cosmic babies (formerly your friends at comfort & joy!) team up to present the Canadian debut of one of the world-wide leaders of hard psy-trance:


One of the leaders in the recent explosion of full-power full-on psychedelic trance, Neuromotor (Frederic Talaa) is highly sought after and has been taking the underground trance scene by storm. His all-out aggressive bass-lines and frenetic energetic psycho sounds will take you inside the chaos of the cosmos. Both as Neuromotor and as one half of Plastyk Elephant, he has released two full-length albums along-side releases on many compilations. Fresh from touring Europe, South America, and Japan, Neuromotor will be giving Toronto one of his characteristically high energy live performances plus a DJ set packed with killer unreleased tracks. the DAT mafia trance indeed!

Also presenting top TO DJs you've come to love!

Psy-clone (R3515T0R)
Pharmakon (cosmic babies, c&j!, Area 51)
Generator (cosmic babies, c&j!)

Twitch (Digital Love, Liquid Adrenaline, Activate)
Urban Aliens (cosmic babies)
John Dee (Area 51, Deep Sea Fish)

(possibly with *unique* live performances!)

This party is going to introduce Toronto to a totally new sound! It will be a harder, faster, more aggressive, and entirely unlike any you have heard before!! Come hear Neuromotor and the new underground tech-trance sound that has already swept Europe and is now invading North America! If you like your trance hard, you *can't* miss this!!

--- Info ---
Reverb (651 Queen St. W.)
10 PM until ?

Tickets only $20 advance! (More @ the door). They are available at:
- Metropolis (162 Spadina Ave.)
- The Pit (439 Yonge St.)
- tripledecks.com

There will be blacklight decor, killer sound and lights, projected video, fruit in the morning
(yum!), CD give-aways, and more! For more details, visit:




Flyers are at:



2002.02.09: Cosmic Babies @ 160 Club

[This is an old post, preserved here for posterity.]


SAT, FEB. 9, 2002 (Toronto) - cosmic babies - hard dark psytrance

Join us on Saturday February 9, 2002 for

-- C O S M I C B A B I E S --

A Full-On Psychedelic Celebration of Warm Spirit in the Winter Chill

Treats For The Eyes:
black light and UV deco
2 lasers piercing through H20 mist

Treats For The Ears:
excellent sound system
and musical guidance provided by:

DJ PHARMAKON -- (C&J!, Resistor, Area 51)
-- Hard-Edged Full-On Pyschedelic Tech-Trance

-- Funk-Infused Psychedelic Tech-Trance

-- Groovy Minimal Pyschedelic Tech-Trance

.....And Others To Be Confirmed Soon

Treats For The Soul:
-- Fresh Fruit In The Morning And Basking In The Warm Vibe Of Fellow Children Of The Cosmos

160 Club (160 Spadina, at Queen above Metropolis Records)

Doors 10pm-??

$10 at the door

All ages

So Spread The Word And Come Enjoy The Harder Side Of Psy

cosmic babies productions