2002.09.27 - Free Outdoor Psy-trance Party

Free Outdoor Psy-Trance Party this Friday 09/27

I know most people on this board will probably hit up Transa, but if you're looking for something a little darker and a lot more twisted, we'll be throwing a free psychedelic techno trance party down at Cherry Beach. The rain is supposed to end by nightfall so the weather should be ok, maybe a little chilly but nothing a few extra layers won't fix...plus we'll have a large bon fire and rumour has is that there'll be about 20 fire spinners/dancers which should be pretty cool to watch. Even if you have other plans, we'll be going quite late (9am or so) so stop by after, before or whenever...

Just in case some don't know, here are the directions:

..follow Cherry St. to it's very end (Cherry St. runs south from lakeshore blvd. and is just west of the dvp....the same street the DOCKS entertainment complex is on)...at the end of Cherry on the left is a gravel driveway leading to a large parking lot, follow the trail that leads into the sumac trees and a GIANT white drum...from there you should hear the music...we'll be in a little clearing to the right of that drum and on the other side of the sumacs...

The Line-up:
Generator (hard funky tech psy-trance)
Pharmakon (full-power/full-on psy-trance)
Urban Aliens (techy progressive minimal psy)
Basilisk (groovy/melodic psy-trance)
more to be confirmed...

As usual we'll also have:
blacklight and uv deco
spooky tree lights
fire pit
2kw sound system
cd give-aways

Remember to bring all the little things that facilitate a long evening of dancing or whatever such as;
blankets to sit on,
extra layers of clothing,
food, drink and other refreshments,
torches or flashlights,
and party spirit!!

WE should be all set up by around 9.30pm and will be winding things down around 9am. It's supoosed to go down to about 13C that night though that should be fairly comfortable with long sleeves.

So, spread the word and take advantage of what is likely the last opportunity we'll have to party under the stars for a while.