2005.05.20: COSMIC BABIES - Fri., May 20 2005 - Volume Lounge

Greetings trancers, tweakers and tokers,

Join us on Friday, May 20, 2005 for a special evening combining various birthday celebrations! We'll be celebrating these special days with some excellent progressive psy-trance in the warm and opulent Volume Lounge on King West . . .

Expect some nice deco, killer sound, and, for that old-school feel, we'll try to provide some *extra-tasty psychedelic* b-day punch . . .

Musical Guidance:
Zev (Lakura Rec.) (recently confirmed!)
Basilisk (of Ektoplazm fame!) (even more recently confirmed!)
Pharmakon (cosmic babies, c&j!)
Generator (cosmic babies, c&j!)

Volume Lounge 577 King Street West

10pm until late

$2 (yes, only two! This frees you up for more drinks at the bar!)

See you there . . .

[edited to add Zev and Basilisk to the line-up!]