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cosmic babies releases


Format Artist Title Description
MP3 DJs Pharmakon & Generator Psymix3 (2002-03) (live mix)

Another excellent minimal mix.

This is doing it right. Following on the heels of our last mix - which we felt was sub-standard on account of the broken mixer cutting in and out - we decided to do a repeat performance! So once again Pharmakon and Generator bring you another batch of excellent minimal psytrance in the world, lovingly mixed into a flowing 74 minutes.

CD & MP3 DJs Pharmakon & Generator Psymix2 (2002-01) (live mix)

Chugging minimal psytrance!

What's to say? We sat down one night in front of a broken mixer and mixed up the best minimal psychedelic trance we owned. We've already received tons of positive comments from around the globe about this one, everyone loves the tracks! We'll try to revisit the mix at some point in the future when we get the time. We'll reorder the tracks slightly and release a proper mastered CD of this amazing minimal sound!

CD & MP3 DJ Pharmakon Psymix1 (2001-09) (live mix)

First in the series of excellent psychedelic mixes!

Hard dark psytrance.

CD & MP3 DJs Pharmakon & Generator Antigravity-Dark Energy

Very nice dark psytrance mix

A dark psytrance mix that builds from subdued darkness, through ripping hard psy, to end in a goa tinged frenzy.

Released to accolades, including being selected as one of the top 100 rips by the ripping group grooveemission (gem). Initially created at 152 BPM to rock dance floors, the mixed CD was later slowed down for home listening to about 144BPM.



MP3s available (for all mixes marked "MP3" under format) (usually @ 128 kbit/s, joint stereo) available on the eMule network or by contacting us directly.




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