2005.07.30: Saturday July 30, 2005 - Psytrance beach party!

It's about time for some nice trippy beats on tbe beach! So we've decided to regale you (the dedicated party people) with some of the best tripped-out psytrance around.

Join us on _Saturday July 30th_ down on Cherry beach (the east side, just off the bike path, as norm). This is, of course, FREE, so you have no reason to miss it!

Musical guidance on this journey of the mind will be the usual suspects:
Pharmakon (cosmic babies, c&j!)
Generator (cosmic babies, c&j!)
Zev (lakura records)
& some other secret DJs still to be confirmed

Music should start night nice and early so we can get a full night of music in. So pack up some drinks (to keep yourselves hydrated ... you know ... from all the drinking), a lawnchair, and come join us for a night of rocking, truly psychedelic, music!

See you all out there!

the cosmic babies crew


2005.09: Andromeda and Chromosome - double live act madness! Coming Sept/Oct 2005!

[***NOTE NOTE NOTE***: This party has been postponed indefinitely due to scheduling problems by the acts. Stay tuned as we try to reschedule.]

COSMIC BABIES will soon present...

CHROMOSOME (Sweden - Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records) - LIVE SET

- and -

ANDROMEDA (Sweden - Yellow Sunshine Explosion Records) - LIVE SET

Needless to say, this party will be about the super cool and progressive psychedelic TRANCE vibes ... tickets will be about $20

DATE is to be confirmed as soon as negotiations with the acts settles on one. Our previous agreed date fell through due to scheduling problems, and we're working like mad to get these guys in for you all! Definitely not-to-be-missed music!

More info to follow...


2005.05.20: COSMIC BABIES - Fri., May 20 2005 - Volume Lounge

Greetings trancers, tweakers and tokers,

Join us on Friday, May 20, 2005 for a special evening combining various birthday celebrations! We'll be celebrating these special days with some excellent progressive psy-trance in the warm and opulent Volume Lounge on King West . . .

Expect some nice deco, killer sound, and, for that old-school feel, we'll try to provide some *extra-tasty psychedelic* b-day punch . . .

Musical Guidance:
Zev (Lakura Rec.) (recently confirmed!)
Basilisk (of Ektoplazm fame!) (even more recently confirmed!)
Pharmakon (cosmic babies, c&j!)
Generator (cosmic babies, c&j!)

Volume Lounge 577 King Street West

10pm until late

$2 (yes, only two! This frees you up for more drinks at the bar!)

See you there . . .

[edited to add Zev and Basilisk to the line-up!]